Breeding Policies

Breeding Policy for Sheep, Goat and Rabbit: By Gazette Notification 249/XV-1/2005 Dated 26th May 2005, Uttarakhand

  • One third of total sheep population of Uttarakhand are crossbreed which has to be upgraded through crossbreeding with pure breed rams of Merino and Rambouillet breed.
  • For improvement in local pure breed Gaddi, Rampur bushair and Black sheep selective breeding shall be adopted through selected high quality rams.
  • Breeding Policy for Goat state that selective breeding will be done amongst local goat breeds. In plain region breeds will be upgrade by Crossbreeding with Barbari and Jamunapari breeds of goat. In hilly region mohair fibre should be encouraged by crossbreeding local goats with Angora bucks and to check inbreeding in germplasm at Govt. Angora Goat Breeding Farm, Gwaldam, Chamoli flocks would be replaced by new stock. In snowy and high altitude area of state Pashmina Goat Development and Breeding Programme shall be introduced.
  • In Rabbit breeding policy selective breeding is to be adopted among Angora German Rabbits. For Angora Rabbit germplasm has to be imported and to check in breeding two male line and two female line pure line breeding shall be adopted.