The Bhotia Grazing Rules 1927

No. 712/XIV-155-1918-In continuation of this department notification no. 519/XIV-155-1918. date May 12, 1927. The Governor in Council of the Uttar Pradesh State, in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (i) of section 32 and clause (d) of section 76 of the Indian Forest Act (no. XVI of 1927), has made the following rules: they supersede the rules contained in notification no. 596/XIV-155-1918, dated December 16, 1918 to regulate grazing in the reserved and protected forests of Kumaun Civil Division, of cattle including sheep and goats, belonging to Bhotias (of all classes). Tibetans, Danpuris, residents of Garhwal, Almora and Nainital, during such time as the cattle may be used as pack animals for the purpose of carriage.

Bugyals of UttarakhandM

Approximate area and number of animals

S. No. Block/Sub Area Approximate area Bugyal (in Approximate no. of animals Famous Alpine Pastures Location and land use
1. Byans 365 15000-Sheep 250 – other domestic animals Palang good, Chiyalekh, Garbayang, Kalapani, Naabi, Dhaang, Lipulekh, Nampa, Kuti, Selayangti, Jyoling kang Part of Askot Sanctuary, Grazing
2. Malla Darma 185 12500- Sheep 400- other domestic animals Bedang, Baun, Dugtu, Seepu, Lisarghati, Mahadev khola, Davay, Askot Sanctuary, Grazing
3. Panchachuli (W) 145 1500- Sheep 100- other domestic animals Bachidhura, Chiplakot, Shyama gwar, Molpani, primulla ghati, Dhunkhan, Khalia, Rurkhan Askot Sanctuary, Grazing
4. Raalam 75 3500- Sheep 250- other domestic animals Dudu-marjhali, Reythand, Yangchari, Kalvillan, Sipugwar, Rajrautha Forest Panchyat, Grazing
5. Jauhaar 750 8000- Sheep 400- other domestic animals Milam, Vilju, Mapa, Ganghar, Paachu, Burju, Tolavidhal, Gwar, Suntu, Khilanch, Martoli, Shalang, Forest Panchyat, Nanda Devi Reserve Forest, Grazing
6. Girthiganga and Rimkhim 485 12000- Sheep 350- other domestic animals Topidhunga, Chayudhang, Kyogaad, Sangcha malla, Chujan, Salsal, chotahoti, rimkhim, Badahuti Bio Reserve Part Of Nanda Devi, Grazing
7 Niti, Ghansali 280 18500- Sheep 350- other domestic animals Chorhoti, Niti, Kalajouar, Timar sen, Gothing, Gayaldung, Forest Panchayat Nandadevi, Grazing
8 Pindari 125 2000- Sheep 600- Other domestic animals Sundar dhunga, Pindari, Kagani, naamik Forest Panchayat/ Reserve Forest Grazing
9 Nanda devi National park 255 4500- Sheep 500- Other domestic animals Dharansi, Sarasun paatal, Bheetartoli, beederi- Aali, roopkund National Park Reserve Forest
10 Badrinath ghati 220 4800- sheep 300- domestic animals Satopanth, Devvan, daanu payar, Semkharak, Neelkanth aadhar, kheeron ghati, valley of flowers, Rajkharak, Kak Bhusandi. Reserve Forest, Valle Of Flowes
11 Kedar nath wild life sanctuary 235 14000- Sheep 150- other domestic animals Rudra nath, Tungnath, Visuri, Taal, manini, Kham, Madmaheswar, Kedarnath, Vaasuki taal Sanctuary, Grazing
12 Bhilangana, & Bal ganga ghati upper terrain 125 3500- Sheep 500- other domestic animals Khatling, Chanki, binwali, kantha, Shastra taal, Kyarki, Kushkalyani, Chulli, Anderban. Reserve Forest, Grazing
13 Gangotri, neelang. 680 15000- Sheep 50- Horse Tapovan, Bhojurasa, Jaadung, Neela pani, Rudugaira Gangotri National Park, Grazing
14 Bandarpunch (SW) 170 7500- Sheep 750- other domestic animals Qayarkoti, kandara, Geedara, Dayara, moolthat Reserve Forest, Grazing
15 Govind animal sactuary 250 35000- sheep 2000- Other domestic animals Seema bugyal, Harki doon, swarga rohini, ruisera taal, Kedarkantha, Changseel Sanctuary, Grazing
  Total          4255 sq. km. 157300- Sheep 7950- Other domestic animals Total state Pasture land 154326.92 Hq. Source: Uttarakhand Forest Statistics 2012-13